Clemente is a blind masseuse who works in the Mactan inter national airport in Cebu.

Clemente is a blind masseuse who works in the Mactan inter national airport in Cebu.It weird how things can just fall into place…

Just finished a dive in Malapascua. I was supposed to cancel it cause there’ s just 6 of us but went thru anyway. We were supposed to do 3 nights in Malapascua then head on to the airport but I felt a tug that made me spend my last day in Mactan instead. So i was checked in Island stay Hotel. Unfortunately, at 9am there was a power interruption that they said would last till 4pm. Feeling hot, i decided to head on to the airport 4 hours prior to my flight. Upon check in, there was a problem with my ticket that made me spend at least one whole hour in the ticketing office. Afterwards, i got a 30 minute massage in the non-blind area since the blind masseuse was fully booked. Not being satisfied, i tried my luck again in with the blind ones. Thats how i got to meet Clemente who told me the story of his life.
Clemente was not born blind. He was 33 when he contracted this disease that made his vision blur. Within a months time, he couldn’t see anything totally. Though he could have been operated on, not having any money gave him no choice. His younger sister suffered the same fate. she is now blind and currently with relatives.
Clemente leads a family. He has a wife who can’t work because of severe asthma and 1 daughter + 4 sons. unfortunately again, the daughter had a fetal disease in which now though grown up, she has comprehension problem – in short abnormal. All the boys are still in school. To make ends meet, clemente would work until 7pm and even till 10 when there are delayed flights and even do home services after.
What blessed me was how though his life was full of trials and misfortune, Clemente never lost faith in Jesus. He never questioned God why this happened to him. I was surprised when i tried to share the gospel to him by asking if he knew John 3:16, he recited the words. Clemente can’t read the bible but he listens to God’s word through the radio.
As he shared his story, i cried and cried. I told Clemente how blessed I was. Specially when he expressed how he misses seeing the light. He is now 47 years old.
I gave him a good tip and encouraged him and prayed for him. I asked for his prayers too. I told him, don’t worry… stay faithful because life is just a testing ground. God allows you to go through this because God knows you can. Through the bible you can be assured that in our next life, no one is blind.
As I left, i realise Clemente may not see, but the real blind are those who don’t know Jesus. Clemente does and I know that even if he does not see light for the rest of his life. There is a spiritual light that is far more important that he currently follows.
Thank you Clemente! I needed this cry.