A few weeks back, I posted a blog about a very close friend of mine, Jessie, who passed away. Now that expenses have come in, the combined bills of Jessie and his mom is over 3.2M. The mother is now home with a ventilator and with an upkeep of 400T a month due to the nurses, ventilator rental and medicine. The family is having a difficult time financially and we are trying to help them get things together.


Pastora Guillerma Singco Famador or “Wowa Dida,” founder and head pastor of United Pentecostal Church Caloocan and a servant of God, helping many families most of her life, has suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease for the longest time and was hospitalized last February 7 until March 1. She was in the intensive care unit for several weeks which resulted in intubation and her needing to use a ventilator from then on. A tracheostomy was performed to help ease her breathing too. Her total hospital bill reached 1.7 million pesos and her monthly expense alone is 400K a month. She is currently on home care.

Just this past week, her son, Jessie David, passed away due to severe pneumonia with complications (not covid related). With him being the eldest among her children and the sole breadwinner, supporting her ever since, the cost of her daily medicines and ventilator rental is now taking a toll on the bereaved family. With the quarantine situation and the lack of work available to them, Wowa Dida, a widow who has helped so many people, is now finding herself in dire need of help.

With this, we are humbly knocking at your doors to ask for any form of support. If God has touched your heart to help them in any way, please deposit to:

Abigail Lasquety Ruelo
BPI Savings Account No. 3939293867

or you can also give in kind the following daily needs:

Latex Gloves (Medium)
Adult Diapers (Medium)
Under Pads
Cotton Applicator
Baby Wipes
Connecting Tube
Ventilator tubes / Filter 
Suction Catheter
Tissue Rolls
Gauze Pad 
AAA Batteries

Hydrogen Peroxide   
Sodium Chloride   

Should you have any questions, you may get in touch with Abi Ruelo at 0998-9932539. Thank you very much. God bless you.