Everybody is probably busy this season (and so were we) and so i’ll keep this short. I just want to share something I’ve read that has continuously resonated inside me these past days…


So true! The difference between having faith and simply believing is that faith entails a risk. A risk of failing, of humiliation, of losing… In short, Faith must prove itself.

Example: You have a cup of water. You are telling me that you will drink it.  Should I believe that you can do it, that is simply believing unless it is unlikely you couldn’t do it (like if its a huge amount of water or difficult to do).

People have said a time or two that I am a “Man of Faith” and this new meaning of faith has pushed me to do a heart check. People mistake faith as being religious,  That kind of man of faith is actually sometimes simply someone who reads the Bible, attends church and/or probably serves in ministry. So I asked myself “What have I done recently that has really shown my faith?” Meaning something so far fetched that thats not likely going to happen and if it doesn’t will cost me something either – reputation, money or future plans.

Right now, admittedly, I have a few but it doesn’t risk that much… and thats probably how I wanna start my new year. By pushing myself to listen to God more and if I get a clear go signal, I will risk anything and everything…

What about you, how big is your faith?

One of the areas in which God is asking me to stretch my faith is in Revelation City Church (see that yellow building at the center of the picture?).  That was supposed to be our office until God said “No, thats my church.”  God has been asking me to place in more of my resources – time, talent & treasure in His church.  If you honor God with your faith, you can be assured that He will honor you back and you can bet you can’t out honor God. That’s what I’m placing my faith on.