Several years ago, God downloaded a passion to Monique during the CCF center building fund drive. It was to mount a concert where different genres and acts of Christian groups can come together for one purpose – to worship Jesus. She even had a cool title for it — Thirsty. The event never materialized but last year in the backstage room of CCF St. Francis during an Equipping the Saints workshop, we got to chat with a friend Isabella (daughter of Kuh Ledesma) and it turns out God had also given her the same burden. After months of planning “Hello Worship” was born. The venue would be in their very own Hacienda Isabella in Tagaytay.
Hello Worship festival is a culmination of different talents dedicated to glorify the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. Dance,Rap, Pop, Rock, Reggae or even poetry, It all came from God and God loves them all! We want people to feel whats its gonna be like when we get to heaven — we will be worshipping the Lord 24/7! And did we mention that its gonna be evangelical ? The idea is to invite pastors / leaders who can give short 5 minute messages inserted in between sets or performances. Booths open at 2pm and will last all the way till 11pm. For a small fee add-on, A bus service shall be provided for people who don’t have ride (1 pick-up point).
The dream is big and we could use some help in In making this dream / calling a reality, we would need your help. Here is how:
a. Invite your friends! – whats a concert without worshippers right? bring your friends, christian & non-christians alike. Tickets are priced P500 and get 1 ticket free! (because we want you to invite friends).
b. Help us get Sponsors – organizing this event is a herculean task but our God is greater and worthy of all our efforts. In mounting this project, we need sponsors to help defray expense and make it as affordable as possible. If you know anyone who can sponsor printing, shirts, bus or transportation, rental of technical equipment (LED, Sound system, Lights etc.), help us sell tickets etc, food or even cash. If you do know christian artists who want to perform Then please let them know about our event.
c. Volunteer! – Don’t let money & lack of network stop you from helping when God has given you gifts & talents you can share. Take pictures, be a marshall, stage manage, help distribute food or just man the registration.
d. Advertise us! Share this post in social media to everyone you know, write about our event in your blog or status… ask your friends and followers to share it too. Use whatever you got to Spread the word even just clicking the share button on your FB page would do. The more often you do it, the more people here about the event.
e. Prayer – if you can’t do anything above, then simply pray for us. Prayers move mountains.
So hope to see you guys at the “Hello Worship Festival” on June 13 a day after independence day. May this day be a day of liberation for many souls too.
“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!” Psalm 100:1