When I first met you, I already adored you. This 4 year old daddy’s little girl loved the beach and swimming. You were a delight to be with. We did all the girly stuff together, color and art paint our nails, curled/frizzed and braided your hair. But not just the girly stuff, you were attracted to wrestling. We even had to watch WWE live! We laughed a lot till your teeth literally fell off when you hit the steering wheel. You had a lot of fears as young child especially butterflies but you loved animals. You were very picky with food: mushroom white sauce pasta without the mushroom seen in it. Sbarro pasta/ pizza was your constant favorite.


As you grew older, your love for music grew more and more. Something that I believe is already in your genes rooted from your mom and dad. You grew to be a big fan of many artists: Gary V., David Cook, 30 seconds to Mars, Justin Bieber, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and the likes. These were hard to keep up with! But dad tried his very best to get you the tickets and we pulled all connections and strings to get you there. My fondest memories were how we had to stalk the artists back to their hotel after the concert. Good thing because of my events background, we knew the bouncers that helped you meet the celebrity. Dad and I had to do crazy things but with that happy look on your face, it sure was worth it.Jazz guitar

You also loved to explore the world. You are so blessed to have been tagged along by your grandma to places most people only dream to reach. This helped you have a bigger perspective in life. You learned to appreciate culture and appreciate where you come from. Your love for animals also grew. That’s why now you are a pescetarian and your love has turned into an advocacy. Oh yes, I have not forgotten …You love Angelina Jolie – and her life has such a great impact on you.

I am proud to witness your spiritual transformation when I saw you walk towards the stage in Gary V’s concert to surrender your life to Jesus. Tears swelled because I knew you in our own way, we were able to lead you to Christ. You finally understood what salvation meant and how you really want to follow Jesus at such a young age. This was our greatest joy. We try our best to guide you every step of the way to this direction.

Jazz Testimony

I am blessed because despite that our family is unique we blend well together. As a blended family, I never felt that I had to win your heart from the start. I naturally loved you as my own. And you made me feel that same love. I love listening to you. I thank God that you can be as open to me sharing your joys, fears and dreams. I try to be here for you if you need affirmation, advise, praises and learnings. You also have been a good Big Ate to your siblings. They all look up and respect you. I want you to know I treasure all of these in my heart.

Jazz and Me

Time has a way of running so fast. You are 18 and a young adult. As you really find your place under the sun I want to share with you some wisdom that will help you along your adult journey.


  1. Welcome trials and hardships which are good for your character.

When I see you stressed because problem arises, I pray that you don’t shoot yourself immediately. Stay calm, pray and welcome these problems. It only means that God wants to work on your character. The Lord wants you to be refined like Gold and yes you are more precious than Gold! That’s why if the problems arise – know that God is with you. You can weather any storm! And like all problems, they will not last forever – it will soon pass.

  1. Be Bold. Live Out your dreams.

Sometimes I know you doubt your capabilities. But let me be the first to tell you, that you don’t have to be crippled by your doubts, worries and anxious thoughts. Just go reach your dreams. Now if you are to live out your dreams… go all out and do it responsibly. No half measures. God wants you to use your talents excellently. So don’t settle for mediocre work.

  1. Always look at the bright side.

There is a bright side to everything. Learn to find the light in the dark tunnels. You can choose where to look. So keep positive. Don’t easily get disappointed or depressed. Even when things don’t seem like it is. Ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes to see things in God’s perspective.


  1. Ground yourself in Jesus.

Life can tough in this world. There are false promises of success. There is the battle between waiting for the best and settling for the good. There is a constant desire for things that may not necessarily be good for you. In everything, take heart and just focus on Jesus. He is the source of every need, wants and desire. Do not be blinded by the world instead – ask God what you can do to bring the good news to the world.

Lastly, I want you to know that I may be quietly sitting at the back seat of your life… I am always praying for you. I am indeed one proud step mom.