Dec 3, 2014 marked the beginning of our new calling : to share the love of Jesus in our community in Sta Mesa Manila. We opened Revelation City Church not only to teach people about the Bible and its practical applications but also to speak a message of hope to everyone around.
To be honest with you, the road we took wasn’t easy. The challenges were beyond us. We expected young families to join us but instead God gave us children. This meant that the running of the church financially would be entirely dependent on us. Most of those who attend are young, unemployed and many cannot even make ends meet back at home. Nonetheless, we can say that after one year it has been one of the best experience we’ve had. Day by day we learn the meaning of loving unconditionally even when there nothing for us in return.
We have been walking with our kids every week. The more we know about their living condition, the more you will understand why sometimes they are rowdy, apathetic and ill mannered. The truth is they are deprived of many good things many of us have. We take for granted our blessings that these families do not have. Imagine this:IMG_8135
8 square meter space called “home”.
People living inside 10-12pax.
One bed is shared by 6-8 people.
1-2 meals a day… Sometimes its only rice and salt.
God gave us a burden — “Make me known to them this Christmas”. So we thought of how to make this Christmas special for them regardless of whether they attend our church or not. We want everyone to know that “Someone out there cares for them and His name is Jesus!” and that’s what Christmas is all about. We want to point them that true joy can be found in Christ despite their current circumstance.
So Here’s the plan: On Dec 23 (Wed), we will go house to house around the urban poor areas and give them food for Noche Buena. We will share to them God’s plan for redemption and invite them to our service incase they want to know more about Christmas.
With this, I would like to shamelessly ask you to consider helping us in one of 4 ways:
  1. Giving P500 (roughly USD12) per family you want to bless. We can issue you official receipt which you may use as tax deduction (for Philippines only). You may donate in 2 ways:
    1. Go to and use the paypal button.
    2. Deposit through our BPI checking # 8021000214 under Revelation City Church (please email the deposit slip to so we know.
  1. Give any goods: Toys, Bibles, clothing (should this be second hand please make sure they are laundered and decently wearable) or canned goods that you want to donate.
  1. Helping us distribute the gifts on Dec 23 as we do house to house and share the gospel to them.
  1. You can pray for our efforts, that our call to action will move people’s heart and that we can raise enough funds to make an impact to this community.
Regardless of what option you select here, Thank you for being part of this. As I end, I’d like to share a verse that brought me to tears before:
“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48
As I read through these word for word, I began to think of what I have… the talents, the skills, the properties and the cash — and I asked myself “Which among these have I withheld from being used by God.” because should I miss any, I was afraid the Lord might ask me “So what did you do to this thing I gave you…” and I was afraid to answer “Nothing…”

May the Lord bless you… He who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…