Last night’s Post Ad party just like Imagine Nation’s party last Dec 4 was more of a like a home coming of sort. Aside from the usual current members of the company, several alumni came too. It’s always good to see them but specially when they come to an internal event because its like looking back to where you came from.
Last night, I was reminded so much of a verse that I decided to change my Christmas message and share this instead. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1
It’s always sad whenever someone leaves but thats just the way it is. Each of us are in a different season of our lives… for some its a season to join, for some the season to stay and for some its their season to find a new place. This verse says that seasons constantly change. This isn’t exactly what I said yesterday, but I picked up new lessons while writing this that I want to share as well.
1. Seasons change – if you’re on a winning streak someday you will lose, if you’re not doing great someday you will. Regardless of your status in life, no matter how rich or poor you are, someday your season will change.
2. Every season has its own ups and downs – love your season and don’t envy other people season because every season has its joys and pains. You might be envying your colleague who just got a promotion but thats because you didn’t see the tons of work that he now has to do because of that. You might be asking God how come you aren’t married yet at 30 because you envy people who have families but thats because you haven’t seen the pains parents go through every June when they have to pay tuition or having to wake up at 5am so you could prepare kids to go to school. Every season has its own ups and downs!
3. The importance of Proper timing – a right thing can be wrong when done at the wrong time and a wrong thing can be right when done at the right time. Some people just can’t wait. They grab at the first opportunity they get without praying and seeking God’s will and then everything just becomes wrong. This is most common with job opportunities, when they get offered a job and decide not to finish commitments in their past employment. For others its their love life, when they don’t wait for love to develop or at least validate if its real before jumping into the relationship. When people ask me, when is the right time to leave Imagine Nation? My answer would be when you’re a successful master. In short, if you have exhausted everything to be the best that you can be and you were able to bloom where you’re planted, then just maybe the next season you will be ready to be planted somewhere else.
4. You can’t dictate the season because some things are just beyond your control but its your call to decide what you want to do with it. Remember, whatever you do, problems will come. There’s no way around it. What is within your control however is what you choose to do during that season. I’ve seen people who didn’t like where they were and you can really tell. They go to work frowning, late, they don’t give their best… and it says a lot about you. What if you’re gonna be there for a long time? won’t you make the most of that current season you are in?
5. Lastly, whatever season you are in, God has a purpose for you. If you’re in a bad season, do your best so you can get out of that season quickly but know this, that even in seasons of being in jail or having cancer, God has a purpose. The ultimate goal is to find that purpose and live and learn from it. This way, whether high or down season, we can look back and say “it was a good season”
When people say goodbye, You can count with one hand, the number of times I’ve actually stopped people from going out the exit door either in the workplace or in my love life… because deep inside, I know that their season with me has ended. I’ve lost a lot of good people — many have said that both Imagine Nation, Wang and Post Ad are good stepping stones. Maybe thats the purpose God has given me. and thats why I love homecomings because it’s great to see people who’ve been part of lives become successful.
As for me, what is my season right now? It’s a time to build (God’s church), a time to share (what I know), and a time to lead (my family). Nothing else is more important.


Man of the hour… someone who’ve touched so many including us. Started as a literal no body in the graphic industry but finished well.


A time to tear


and more tears


So nice to have you home girls…


Jigz has Big shoes to fill but just trust in the Lord.


Someday we will look back at these pictures and remember how fun this season was


Important thing is to never forget where you came from

INP Party 2014 - 16

Old & the New… each batch was represented.

INP Party 2014 - 12

Batch 1 people… It started with them.

If this blog blessed you, share it to someone who is experiencing a difficult season right now and share the blessing.