We finally took the leap of faith.

It was about 7 years ago that in one of my quality times with God, the Lord revealed several things:

God has a special assignment for us in the marketplace.

God will restore John and I. (This felt impossible at that time).

God has great plans for our children (this was the homeschooling part).

God will allow us to build like a home/ community church in our area.

notebookI wrote this down in my journal without understanding what this all meant. But slowly God worked through this 7 year period. All our companies are reaching out to people in the marketplace to know Jesus: whether it’s an apprenticeship-training program or an actualjob – everyone will be touched by God. John and I were indeed restored 5 years ago and by God’s grace we are in a marital bliss. Our older kids Sabrina and Matthew are still being homeschooled, while I’m starting all over again with my 2 others. But the church part? I don’t know if we are ready for something like this.

In 2011 – we had a very big problem. Our rented warehouse where we kept all our activation booths, props and sets informed us that we needed to vacate the property within a month because a buyer was purchasing the property. We had no place for our things. Our friend offered their space but it was on the 4th floor of their building. This was not ideal for us but we moved because we had no choice with the very short noticed given to us. We continued to pray for a better warehouse space.

In just a few months, out of nowhere, a neighbor literally knocks on our door asking if we would be interested to purchase a property about 1km away from our home. We were not ready to purchase any property at that time or even in the next 10 years! But we went out of curiosity. The owner’s house was a corner lot and though the house is dilapidated, it had potential. What got us even more interested was that it was on a rush sale. Everything was negotiable. The owner was ready to leave and did not want the hassle of fighting over the cost of the property. Just like that, we loaned from the bank and purchased the property and began constructing a building.

801 Panay Everything was spontaneously done. It was in John’s birthday in November 2011 that we dedicated the building. In 2012, we started having weekly bible studies in that property. We made the 3rd floor our worship hall. The Lord was prodding us to open the church to our neighbors in 2013. But we made all the excuses: The building is not fully finished, we have not even fully paid the property, we are not equipped etc.

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The truth is, we are just cowards. We wrestled a lot with God’s will and this had consequences. God has a way with stubborn people like us, as we wrestled, he also was changing our hearts. I saw this with John the most. His heart was not in place. He slowly started to go on a burn out in photography. John being a busy body decided to put his passion in diving and this went on for a year. But despite this, God was gracious to us especially to John. Though it seems he was off tracked, God was teaching him more and more about how to fish for men. I, on the other hand, was running a one-woman show in our businesses. Our companies were all going on a transition and I was exhausted keeping the boat afloat.


That is why 2014 is our sabbatical year. We decided we were tired of running it our way and we are ready to really just listen and plug into the source. We travelled to see God work in different churches in Asia, Australia and Europe. This was refreshing for us. God spoke softly and lovingly in our hearts that we could not resist His calling. We have mustered enough courage to follow the call of Jesus to reach to our neighbors and share Jesus.first service


This is Revelation Community Church. We are found in 801 Panay St cor Mindanao Ave in the heart of Sta Mesa and Sampaloc. Revelation means to “expose or uncover”. It is our hope that we can unveil the love and truth of Jesus Christ to thousands of families in our community. The church is made up of young, creative people who have the heart for the lost. We want to be a relevant and real church grounded in Scripture and a place where hope can be found. Join us. Be part of the movement of changing lives.

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And our church has now a website which is slowly being fixed. Comments are appreciated – http://revelation.church 🙂 Let us know what you think.