It’s been 25 years since I wrote a song and while people thought I meant it to be inspirational, the song “PAGSUBOK” was actually a song that I wrote in less than 15 minutes in my anger against a friend who was telling me that communism was an impossible idealogy. I replied by telling her “the reason why it doesn’t work is because of selfish people like you.” I hung up the phone and sang on my mom’s karaoke changing the tune & lyrics on the 1st song that played on the cassette tape. So I semi-accidentally composed the song which turned me into an instant song composer.

A few years ago, I got convicted by a message I heard on the parable of the ten talents wherein I pickedup that “God will hold us accountable for everything that we’ve been given.” Instantly, I made a mental list of my talents – photography, teaching, leading … check! But what about my song writing skills? and so I prayed that God would put a song in my head.

I’m a member of Filscap (Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) but I don’t know if I can truly call myself a composer as I am just a one hit wonder. Then I got an email about a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the FILSCAP song writers camp and I decided to apply. By faith, I blocked off the schedule and believed that I would be accepted. A month prior to the event, I didn’t hear from them and so I thought I was not selected. 3 weeks prior and I saw this:

So I figured, God must still have plans for my song writing career thats why he included me here. So the day of the camp came and we were divided into Four groups of 9 composers. I was expecting that most of us would write a new song as our welcome note said “you are free to come in with an unfinished song or create a new one from scratch” but to my shock and panic, everyone (at least in my camp) had a song. So I hid in the bedroom and started to write.

Day 2 came and I had nothing… During the time when everyone was recording their music all I had were 3 totally unfinished songs which one was even a cry of plea for God to just give me a song. Afternoon of day 3 around 4pm, when only 3 people were left to record, I asked help from a fellow camper Virtus Lenon to play the guitar while I sang the melody. The song resonated so much about what I felt about the song’s message that we had to pause from time to time as I was about to cry. Through his patience and encouragement we were able to complete it. I was so happy I get to go home with a new song.

About the song, My son JD always asks me “Dad, when are you going to die” and so incase he forgets again, I decided to answer it through a song. That First, everyday we move closer to our death day and the important thing is that we cherish and not take each day that is given to us forgranted.”, Second, that the day God takes me it is not early or late but exactly how he planned it and last, that where i’ll be will be a much better place and that someday we will all meet again (given they received Jesus in this lifetime.)

So we recorded the song and Raymund Marasigan (of E-heads and Sandwhich) asked us to vote which 3 songs do we want to represent our camp.  Despite myself not voting for my own song (as I had uplifted to God it’s fate by not loving my own) my song was picked.


This is not the final version of the song. I want my daughter to sing it and I plan to write a 3rd/4th verse but at least you get a glimpse of what I panicked about. Thank you Jesus for putting in a note in my heart and letting me know that I still got it in me.

Please let me know your thoughts. Here is the lyrics:

I know that I don’t have forever C
that my time fades each day FM7
But the days I will have with you Dm
I’ll consider it most dear F / G

Every year and every hour
God has set when He made me
Not a second late or early
And someday He’ll take me

This is home C
Where there’s no pain and no more sickness FM7
No more death and no more hurt Dm
I know I’m home F/G

With the Lord my Creator
My Master who’s my Savior
I know I’m home

So don’t be sad Dm
and don’t you cry Em
Where I’ll be You’ll be there someday F
For Eternity G Asus 4 A

Here is the practice of the Betamax group of the song:


And finally, our performance…