I was highly anticipating to win a project bid for an event.  As I was brainstorming and planning how this event would turn out in my mind – I was giddy and very enthusiastic presenting it to the client.  In my heart, I was already claiming the project awarded to us.  That week, I received the email from client thanking us for bidding and informing us that they got another supplier for the project. There was a pinch in my heart because I desired the project so much. But I resolved in my heart – that this project is not for me. So I sat down and I thank God.


“Lord thank you for this closed door.”


There have been many times the Lord closed the door on me.  It takes a whole lot of humble pie to realize that not all opportunities are good opportunities. Not all opportunities are tailor fitted for you. You may think this door of opportunity will ultimately make you happy but sometimes if you force your way in – you just welcomed in your own trouble and misery.


I remember being introduced to this sophisticated woman years back. She was a smooth talker. She said she has traveled the world and knows so much about websites for B2B. She used jargons that I personally did not understand. I was fascinated by her confidence and her big conversations. So I decided to join her to build this business venture. I thought this was my BIG OPEN DOOR to ENTREPRENEURSHIP. But I never inquired from God about this business dealing. I was just excited to be part of something BIG. As I got to know her, I noticed that her integrity was not intact. She was always talking about veering away from paying taxes by sending the money over to Virgin Islands.  We had no office. She also started getting agitated when people asked money from her to pay some of the bills.  I worked hard getting her into the executive offices of top corporations. But all she did was talk. In fact, the more she talked – the fishier her moves were.  I started to become uncomfortable that I decided after 2 months to leave that venture. It was only a matter of time that she was discovered to be a scam artist.


Closed doors mean God’s protection. 

God may be protecting you from getting into debt.  God may also want to protect from your own weaknesses. Even if you desire that opportunity, if it is not your core strength then it not cut out for you. God protects us from pride, we actually take the glory instead of giving God the glory. God also protects us from getting hurt. We may try to justify the doors of relationships, career, wealth and health but if it’s not good for us, God gently closes doors. The bottom line is that God wants what’s best for us and not what can harm us.


Closed doors mean bigger doors are OPENING.

You have to move on. You just can’t look at that closed door and decide to camp outside that door.  Crying, questioning why and bickering will not open that door. Instead let me invite you to look out beyond that door. With a grateful heart, thank God that he has an even bigger plan beyond your wildest imagination.


I was counseling this woman who broke up with her boyfriend. They were dating for quite some time and were seriously discussing marriage.  But they often had disagreements on certain life choices and values that they ended up agreeing to break up. She was completely devastated. I told her that though her dreams of getting married one day looked shattered now because this door closed, it doesn’t mean God won’t open another one. True enough, in God’s perfect time God opened the door of marriage to her with an even better catch. This guy was someone she knew for a long time but never realized they had a special connection. They loved doing the same things and their values were the same. Family and friends were happily surprised they ended up together.


Closed doors lead you to Christ.

There is something about not always getting what we want. Sometimes we get so caught up with the lust of this world, we forget that we are nothing without Jesus. We get derailed and distracted with power, fame, money, ambitions and ungodly desires.  But strip everything away and you will realize that Jesus is all we need. He is our greatest door of opportunity! I can say this with conviction, there is no place I’d rather be than to be where God wants me.


My friend, if you received a closed door today do not lose heart. God is opening a better door for you.  If you cant see where those doors are, I want you to know all roads lead to Jesus, the one who opens and shuts all doors. God wants to give you the door to true living. You may need to walk back to the Lord and let Him show you the way.

 So Jesus said to them again, “Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.  All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture – John 10:7-9