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I did not know then.

No one taught me.

These are the common lines that I share with many mothers who regret not being able to breastfeed successfully their children. With my first 2 children, I had no knowledge; I had no support system during my pregnancy. My family was in the States; I had no criteria of what to look for in a pediatrician. I was in the era where hospitals gave formula milk as part of your birth package. So I raised my children with the full belief, thinking I was giving them the best of me and formula milk was included. I cannot account the number of times we had to rush to the hospital because my children were so sickly. I could not pinpoint where I went wrong and just blamed my genes for having children with weak anti-bodies.

matt sick

My life stage then resonated very well where I was in my spiritual journey. I was very lost. I did not know the Lord and no one taught me the right path. I thought I had a good life and I thought I did everything to make life the best but I discovered that it was impossible because I kept filling my life with counterfeit happiness. It is only when I discovered the answer to an abundant life in Jesus, that I experience blessings following you.

167864_186975211336487_7216148_n After a 7-year break, the Lord opens my womb and allowed me to bear a child again. In this stage, I made an assessment of my motherhood and made a commitment to do whatever it takes to be the mother, God called me out to be. So I attended a breastfeeding seminar. In that seminar, I was not fully convinced I could breastfeed and I was very disturbed by the photos they placed in the material of women breastfeeding. The photos were not appealing, the women looked worn out and almost dying. It must have been my unstable hormones but I cried on the way home. I was telling my husband that day, I might not be able to fully breastfeed because the photos showed hardship and long suffering. I was afraid to look and feel miserable just the same way the women looked in the photos. But the Lord must love me so much that he surrounded me with a group of ladies who were breastfeeding with joy. It was their daily modeling and online support that encouraged me to take a bold step to stay committed. My husband was my cheerleader in every bold choice I made with regards to breastfeeding. He made sure that I wont make any excuses not to nurse and even went on a shopping spree to buy me nursing clothes. This empowerment built my confidence. I had to even change my OB because I was particular about my birthing plan. I wanted the Unang Yakap protocol to be executed properly and rooming-in a reality. When I had a disagreement with the hospital pediatrician for discouraging me to breastfeed because of jaundice, I fought my rights and questioned her knowledge. I was a tougher woman now simply because behind me were my breastfeeding circle of support.

N@Wies - my online family and breastfriends.

N@Wies – my online family and breastfriends.


The D12 ladies who are strong breastfeeding moms.


The same way, I wanted to keep growing in the faith in Jesus. I made a personal choice to do my part to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. I read my Bible daily, I worshipped, prayed and fellowship with others who can make me grow stronger and I wanted to apply what I learned to myself and others who needed to hear the promise of HOPE.


In my breastfeeding journey, I realized how this circle of support impacted me and strengthened me. I decided to take this breastfeeding advocacy seriously. I chose to make a personal stand and do what I can within my capacity. I want to be there for every woman within my reach to experience the God-given power to breastfeed. I attended a peer counseling class and that’s the story of how Breastfeeding Pinay came to be. It was because a bunch of moms wanted to be part of a larger picture of being able to help moms who need the encouragement to keep going.

Here with my Mom who breastfed us  and my twin sister breastfeeding along side me :)

Here with my Mom who breastfed us and my twin sister breastfeeding along side me 🙂

Moms with the same vision of helping other Pinay moms breastfeed successfully.

Moms with the same vision of helping other Pinay moms breastfeed successfully.



breastfeeding lanee

I also realized that it’s important for every mom to be empowered. That is why I felt the need to help breastfeeding moms celebrate their wins and fight the system by bring breastfeeding back as part of the norm and not the exception. I mentioned earlier how discouraged I was with the photos I saw in the breastfeeding seminar. So it has been a personal mission for me to come up with wonderful photos and stories of real women who breastfeed. Together with our online community, we came up with breastfeeding photo marathons and encourage women all over through photo stories and exhibits seen in different mediums and venues.


baby and co


Today I am part of a movement that only God stirred from the very beginning. You see breastfeeding is Gods design. If you read the Bible, God’s answer to baby’s nourishment is to be nursed from their mother’s breast and not from another animal. What a privilege it is to be given a second chance to make a difference for my 2 latter children as they experience true nourishment and abundance. Today, I pray to be a blessing by encouraging more women to experience peace, joy and fulfillment in motherhood through breastfeeding.



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