103_2759You saw the 2 lines that marked your new identity. And your vision of tomorrow has never been the same ever again.

Welcome to Motherhood!

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I know how things have changed drastically. Your physical body is taking an offbeat form of its own. The first few months into this motherhood business you go through hormonal funk and emotional roller coaster. This is not “you” at all. Well like all super heroes that get to discover their gifting for the first time, they all freak out in the beginning. But this power unknown to them is more than anyone can imagine and understanding it makes a whole difference.

So lets activate your mommy powers shall we?

What a blessing it is to be in this special phase of your life! You are called to have the most unique and special role in the life of your family and most especially to your child. God wants you to know that you have an extraordinary purpose in this life and it all begins with acknowledging and receiving this special assignment with joy and anticipation. What will set you apart from being a mediocre mom and a SUPER MOM is your perspective and right attitude.

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Super Moms are SELFLESS.

This is not about you. This is about the child that is in your womb who will be born out of you. When you are carrying your baby, you should wipe away your fears of bulges, sagging breast and when you can color or rebond your hair. This is about a life of another human being who will need all the attention and caring for because they cannot care for themselves. This becomes an “I AM SECOND” moment.


Super Moms are Good MANAGERS.

You have been called out for a special assignment. The Lord has entrusted you a beautiful child in your hands. You must do whatever it takes to be healthy. It is your responsibility to eat the right food and do your best to get nourished with sleep. You must do your due diligence of proper check up and get yourselves equip with knowledge on caring for a child such as breastfeeding and so that when the time comes – you will be ready and know how to respond and use your gifting in the best of your ability.


Super Moms Get INSPIRED with other Super Moms

Surround yourself with inspiring people about pregnancy, birthing, and parenting. This helps any mom to build courage, empowers her in her own motherhood and the state she will come into. Let her immerse in women who breastfeed – so that she can see that it is not a complex science. With practice and determination she can do what God has originally designed for us women to do which is to be the source of godly food for our children.


Super Moms LOVE.

Love the season you are in. Most moms think that these stages such as newborn are forever. The truth is we have such a small limited time to do this. So love every moment of it. Love what is difficult because you are a victor when you have overcome. Love what is out of your comfort zone because you bring comfort to your little one. Love learning what you do not know, this will make you grow as person. Love God who blesses you and love the child which is your blessing. When you love, you win.


Super Moms EXCEL.

Excellence means doing the best you can in any and every situation. Welcome the good, including the hard ones: The sleepless nights, the discomfort, the emotional roller coaster, even some discouraging news from doctors because this is the whole package of being a mom. Take heart and take full responsibility. Motherhood is life changing. As you learn to accept and mold into the role, remember no one else can be a mother to your child but you. You are your child’s life source. You are your child’s protector, his/her guide and role model into this world. Take the role with faith and dependence on the Lord.


Super Moms you can do it! Embrace motherhood with a SMILE.


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