I was cleaning up my document files, something I dreaded doing as it was tedious work, deleting files I don’t think I’ll need anymore when I came across these pictures.

Studio Meeting Area Outdoor

Honestly I didn’t know what to feel… It was confusing.  I was happy to remember them and consider them as one of the best times of my life (together with other memories), I am also sad that the phase is now over and most of us have gone different paths.   Many of the photographers I’ve mentored and took care of don’t even say hi or hello…

Then I got reminded of one of my favorite verse (which I will say in my own words)…  “There is a time for everything!”

Plant / Harvest
Fight / Heal
Build / Destroy
Cry / Laugh
Mourn / Celebrate
Keep / Throw
Silent / Speak
Love / Hate
to War / Make peace

What season do you see yourself in?  Do you like that season?  What season do you wanna be in? If you don’t like where you are don’t worry… as Duterte followers say “change is coming!” and if you do then savor it, you won’t be in it forever.

As I look at the pictures above… I remember what has been.  The glory days…  but I also remember the relationships, the friendships that were built within it because Imagine Nation is not the structure but the people. As hard as I tried to keep us together, God was telling me… there is another season waiting for you and for them.   There are bigger consequences (and damage)  when we don’t want to move on because then we don’t become real.

So many people have asked me if I had stopped shooting… well… I have the gear, I can still see and hold the camera.  Honestly, I don’t shoot as much as God has placed other things on my plate like pastoring a church, raising up my kids and I just got back on the steering wheel with events.  There are things that I’d love to do more like teaching scuba diving but when people come up to me and inquire – yes, I’d still love to shoot.  I don’t wanna waste the talent God has given me.  If people want my style then lets get it on! 🙂

To those who have been part of Imagine Nation…  Thank you and I honestly pray for your success.  Wherever God leads you. I don’t really mind if you look back to where you came from, My only prayer is that you don’t forget how a seed has been planted in your heart.  Keep Jesus!

So what phase are you in your life?  Tell me about it…