Do you know the saying “Give and it comes back to you”?
One problem of people is that they look at something they don’t have, see the up side of it, fail to see the negative side, compare it to what they have, become discontent and start envying what they see.   This is true for material things, for position or even relationships.  No wonder God included “Envy” or coveting in his list of 10 commandments to us not once but twice!
I know this because I admit I was guilty of it…  and In fact, I’ve used it several times to feed by selfish side.  I’m not happy, sex isn’t good, she was like this and like that, etc… etc…
Ever since we started counseling couples, I started to appreciate my marriage more.   Through the flaws in others, I saw the blessings in mine, that the marriage and family I have is exactly what God wanted for me…  It might not be perfect by world standard but it is the perfect one in God’s eyes.
On another application of this principle of being content, I know so many people who’ve left jobs and companies who saw the greener pasteur and left their old jobs only to find out that though true that the grass is greener on the other side, there are also more thorns on the plants and wolves that abound.
Today we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary and yes, its been a marvelous ride.  One of the insights i’ve learned being a “Take two” husband is that there is no such thing as a “hopeless marriage” wherein the couple says it’s impossible to work out.  Being Happy is not only a state of mind but a choice.    If you are not happy single, you won’t be happy married and true enough, that submitting yourself to the authority Jesus is the single most important key not only to be happy in marriage but in everything else.
I thank God for sending me a woman that has set my bearing right… my angel in the flesh.
Counseling people is tiring and somewhat draining, but God has used it to also appreciate what we have.
Happy Anniversary to my dearest Monique!
PS.  Seven years seems just like yesterday, but a lot have happened.  So many people have gained weight (including myself), our kids have grown so much (and added two more), some friends have gone ahead (I can count Six already), some couples in these pictures have separated and most have gone their own way.  In addition to “looking at the bright side”… may I add two more pleas:  First is that time is like water, we think we have so much until it’s gone.  Then we regret that we should have savored more the moment.  Second, the need to protect  marriage and not be complacent…
Thanks to Dominic Barrios, Derrick Lim, Jayjay Lucas, Erron Ocampo, Arlene Briones, Toto Villaruel, Jamie Lihan & the rest of the Ex-Imagine Nation team for the pictures. Jodjo A, Cedric, Delbert, Mike for our video.   Of course, thank you to Amanda Tirol, Karen & Ariel Atendido, Madge Lejano, Veluz, Cecilio Abad, Matus, Mike Lim, Kim Evangelista & Max Tiu to whom we are forever thankful.