Just a quick note on this verse that I read this morning…  A reminder to all who want to prosper and yet not pay the price.  I was just telling my new apprentice photographers about this yesterday when I reviewed their works.

“If you want to achieve something, you have to know what it takes to get you there and be willing to pay it.”

Do you wanna go to the US someday?  Know how much money you will need and pay it.  Do you want to learn a new language like Chinese?  Then check how many hours of class it would take and do it.

Problem nowadays is the word “instant”, instant coffee, instant taxi, everyone wants it now.  Though its great to be quick, the problem is foundation.  Many of my new photographers tried to jump into the advanced lessons early in the game.  No!  It’s too soon….   You’re gonna be like a premature baby.  Problem overload is good and must be avoided but lack of problems inhibit growth.