Everyone looks at different aspects of their life: love life, work life, family life and even social life. But no one really talks about something that is so alive and active within us, its called the THOUGHT LIFE. I always joke that if a man was to get into the women’s thought life, they would literally suffocate and die.


Let me give you a sneak tour on what is running inside our heads.


It’s the “MULTI TASKING THINKING MACHINE” – it has thought patterns that are so intricate it can jump from one topic to another in a millisecond and still connect 2 -3 ideas together. If we are already in thought number 3, we don’t have a problem discussing thought number 1 again. Women know this well especially when there are 3 or more ladies in the conversation – we can multi task conversations. Our male counterparts, get lost in the chatter discussion.


EMOTIONALLY WIRED – We speak our emotions. Our conversations are highly animated because it can come with boisterous laughter or at times sobs and tears all in one conversation. We want to be heard. We don’t need a lecture on how to deal with our situation. We need lots of listening ear, tight hugs and no solutions. Men can’t hack this.


DAYDREAMING OF “WHAT IFs” – Seriously –we women have a room in our thoughts for all the “what could have” and “what ifs” We play scenes in our mind for certain situations. I remember a time when I was in the single and ready to mingle stage, I had such a complex thinking. While waiting for this guy to call or text me, several scenarios played out in my mind


WHAT IF he sends me a text message?


  1. Ignore – wait for an hour before responding – so he wont think I’m too excited or too interested.
  2. Respond but not solicit any information. “I’m good.”
  3. Strike a conversation. “I’m good. Did you see the latest stats in UAAP?”


But WHAT IF he does not text?


  1. Do I text him first? What will he think of me? It’s the 20th century – it should be okay… Or not okay?
  2. Do I check his stats on FB (A.K.A. Stalker mode) and comment there?
  3. Dwell on thoughts on what went wrong. Why is he not interested? What did I do that did not work?
  4. Dwell on other thoughts…


Imagine all these thoughts and it has not even happened! Our thought life seldom is quiet and if it is not rooted in God’s word and positive thoughts, we could be in big trouble. Our thought life can be a very dark scary place when we entertain all kinds of wrong thoughts. I know of women who are crippled in fear and anxiety because of the unknown. They cannot sleep or eat because of all the “dooms-day” scenario they have built in their mind. Some women have defeated thoughts on themselves – thinking they are not worth loving, feeling like a failure and to a point of hopeless because they think they are damage goods. The truth is these are lies we are made to believe.


If you are one who feels tired, down and out from day to day life, then its high time we check our thought patterns.


Our thoughts can paint pictures and can encourage emotions that are not real. Your thoughts can control your actions and shape your behavior and belief. We need to hold our thoughts captive to Jesus. How do we do that?


The Bible gives us very practical ways:


Romans 12: 2

2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.


We need to take away the lies of the world and transform our thinking. We need to list down all the garbage thoughts we entertain in our mind.


What you watch What you read What you talk about What you listen to Who we are with
Movies , social media Magazines and novels Unappropriate jokes and conversations Negative messages Bad influence


If you can note where the root of these thoughts come from, you can see the lies from the truth in your life and avoid it completely.


When you want to renew your thoughts, you need to grab hold of Bible truths and put it every place where you are: In your car, bedroom, bathroom, computer desktops, in your wallet, cellphone screen.


Phil. 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.


What do we feed our minds today? As they say, “garbage in – garbage out.” It is such a discipline for us women to keep dwelling in positive thoughts. The more we dwell in God’s goodness – the more we can see God move in our lives even in the hardest situations.


Today I encourage you to clean your thought life. Purge all the garbage and refill it with positive godly thoughts. Yes, our minds can be so complex but we too can choose to simplify it by focusing on God’s truth and eradicating the lies.