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For The First Time

2015 was some kind of flavor. It was a mix of everything salty, bitter and sweet. There were a lot of lessons learned. We learned from the mistakes we made. We learned to love even if it hurts deeply. We learned how to let go of some desires for a greater purpose. We learned more about what it is to walk by faith. It was not the widest of roads because business was not as great but the narrow road was a beautiful journey as well.

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The Life Lab

Last October had been the most interesting so far when it came to “life learnings”. We have been asking for wisdom and clear discernment from the Lord for many aspects in our life. We wanted clarity specifically in the area of business, parenting and ministry.

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Debt Free

I was once in a major debt. When I began my own business, I was aggressive and was ambitious. I had everything under my control, so I thought. But as I was grinding the wheels of running a business, I got into business transaction that turned sour.

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Be Still Monique… Be still

I just came out of Camsur with hoarse voice, darker than before and lots of lessons learned. Camsur is really a bootcamp for God’s divine pruning and teaching for me. This year God really revealed a character defect in me. I never knew I struggled in this area – but surprisingly, God showed my sinfulness and thank God I am a changed person.

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