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For The First Time

2015 was some kind of flavor. It was a mix of everything salty, bitter and sweet. There were a lot of lessons learned. We learned from the mistakes we made. We learned to love even if it hurts deeply. We learned how to let go of some desires for a greater purpose. We learned more about what it is to walk by faith. It was not the widest of roads because business was not as great but the narrow road was a beautiful journey as well.

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Counterflow 2015: The Rise of the Super dads, the rise of the super moms, the raising of the Super Kids.

For 3 years now, we have been on a movement of helping families, strengthening their parenting skills and knowledge and empowering them to do a “Counterflow” from the wrong worldviews. Today, we are asking the Fathers to step up and lead their families. We are calling mothers to respond to the cries of their children. We are calling everyone to pro-actively make a stand and counterflow.

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