Its been 11 years since I started walking with the Lord. I remember vividly my first CCF anniversary worship that happened in Ultra in 2003. I remembered John was not at all interested in at least knowing Jesus, dropped me off to the arena that day. I walked in alone in that big arena and sat at the top most row of general admission. I was one of those 5000 seeking fresh, living Truth from the Word of God. The campaign that was launched was the Purpose Driven Life. I can still recall how people shared their testimony of transformed life. I clearly remembered how Pastor Peter Tan-chi casted out the vision of reaching out to the lost and making disciples of all nations. I cried that day. I cried because I know that I was not lost but found in Christ and I felt a tug in my heart to just share Jesus in my life with everyone around me. At that time, I knew I was breathing real life and joy in me – but I was still in the process of “undos”, clean up and a lot of humble pie eating. But I knew I was not just found, I was also called.

I took that call seriously.


I have always asked the Lord, why I was crafted to the events management world. I love creativity, I love thinking out of the BOX and I love seeing beautiful things executed wonderfully. That’s really something that gives me a natural high. I love being able to make things happen and even if it looks like a difficult, impossible act to mount and would require burning the midnight oil. When people think that it’s stressful because logistically it requires hard work, I on the other hand, find myself thriving in these situations. I love trouble-shooting and I have a sense of fulfillment seeing the impossible done. Little did I know that my 15 years of experience will eventually be used for greater things in God’s Kingdom.


CCF 28th


All His


When I was in the Hillsong Conference, I sat down with some delegates and then one shared something that struck me. He said how in the olden days God was highly exposed in the Arts. Just look at the works of art by Michelangelo, Raphael, Geovanni Bellini and Leonardo de Vinci. They were bold sharing their Faith in Jesus. But somehow in the present times it seems like God just disappeared in the Arts. We are bombarded with wrong negative messages seen in Music videos, in the visual arts and even in performances. We need to bring JESUS back into the creative Arts. His name must be MADE KNOWN once again. That sparked in my heart the fever that is burning within me. We must be loud and proud to bring the Lord to as many people. HE must be “IN” to the WORLD around us. I am so done with mediocre work. We must let Jesus shine and communicate Him in the most creative way to bring more people to Christ.


The Last Supper – Leonardo Da Vinci



The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo

I am so blessed that God has allowed me to be used in our church CCF and in specific the ministry called EXALT (live events and production). Wherever God can use me I am there. I would brainstorm and help communicate the message, host, direct shows, and create videos. This year I had the special privilege to be part of the #CCF30th Anniversary. It was tasked to engage each person to share their stories. The Theme: Changing lives for Eternity.


Family Tree of CCF- get the chance to write what year you became part of the CCF Family. A visual declaration of people saying they are REAL FOLLOWERS OF JESUS.


Share your testimony- Get to share in 30 seconds What was your life like before Christ, How you met Christ and Who you are now because of Christ.


Capturing real stories of God’s faithfulness.


Pray. Care. Share.


Praise and Thank the person that brought you to Christ. Get to pray for people you want to bring to Christ.


Partnering with friends to Create this 30 years sticker wall in CCF Cafeteria. Bringing victory and hope in Jesus name.




















The workers are few but the Harvest is plentiful. I know that there are so many rare breed of production people out there just like me. I challenge you to join me and witness changed lives. If you can make world class events then you can do the same for God’s work with a higher purpose. Don’t just sit, watch and criticize, instead make each work of GOD a masterpiece.








I believe that God wants to use everyone for His Glory. God is on a movement to reunite his lost children back to Him, our heavenly Father. He loves us so much that He could not bear to see us separated from Him. So God made the first move, that while we were sinners, the ultimate sacrifice was done. In exchange for the penalty of our sin which is death, He gave his only Begotten Son to be the payment for our sin. That is the good news. We have hope. If we repent and put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have the biggest opportunity to be united back to our Father. Live a life of purpose and experience abundant life here and for eternity.