Happy Father's day daddy... Thank you for being the best dad you could be.

Happy Father’s day daddy… Thank you for being the best dad you could be.

A few years back I was in San Diego for a shoot. I had my Indian assistant with me Pramod. I had even rented a top down sports car because the weather was just perfect and was even thinking of shooting my couple in it. 2 days before the shoot, I heard a message from God and our conversation went something like this.

“Go home!”

“What? Why?”

“Just go home.”

“I can’t just leave the couple. How will I explain to the couple that I’m going home.”

“I will make a way. Just obey.”

I was honestly struggling. I didn’t understand what God was asking me to do. The couple were Christians too and the least I would want for them is to give them stress. But anyway, blindly, I obeyed and I told the couple “Hi Riza. I need to go home but don’t worry I will leave my back-up photographer here to shoot you guys and there will be no need to pay him. It’s on me.” The couple didn’t ask for any explanation or anything but just let me go. So i went back to the Philippines.

2 days after I came back, my father died. And so I called my couple to at least let them know. The second she said “Hello” I said “I now know why I had to go home. My father died.” and then she began to cry and then she said “God asked me to let you go. and I’m glad I did. Because if i didn’t I would probably not have forgiven myself.” with that we both broke into tears.

On my dad’s final moments on earth i was holding his hand and do you know what his last word was? He pinched my chin and said “Don’t cry.” with that he breathed his last.

My dad died November 13… a day before my birthday. Now his spiritual birthday and my earthly birthday almost fall on the same date.

Isn’t t amazing how God moves? Here i was so worried about getting into trouble when in fact, God had already made his move and was just waiting for me to obey. So my father’s day story isn’t just about my dad who has influenced me so much and provided for me (and my brothers and sisters) the best way he could but also about my father in heaven who guides me daily.

I just wanna give you a verse that I got reminded of while I write this blog:

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Don’t ever doubt God.


Before my dad left, we prayed. It was literally like a send off.

Before my dad left, we prayed. It was literally like a send off.