John had a wedding on Father’s Day, so we were not able to celebrate it together. But this just gave us the time to do something special for Dad. It is always good to honor your parents while they are still living. Today I melted just looking at how my kids wanted to show their love to their dad. Each one with different personalities and creativity made their own Father’s Day message.

John is a great dad. He is hands on. He believes in discipline and training and for that I know my children will be prepared for the world. He always gives each child space to grow into their own personality and yet we guide them to choose wisely the path they will walk into. He has imparted his childhood to his kids, so all of us have watched, Transformers (old and new version), Starwars (1-6), X-Men, each super Hero: Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Fantastic 4 and the likes. Today the kids speak out. Thank you for being the ever present Dad and for that they can relate what our Heavenly Father is like here on earth.

From Jazz (17) As she is growing up, she has a deeper appreciation of the things John does for her. Her love language is words and this is reflected in her letter.


Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day. I just wanted to thank you for every little and big thing you have done for us. You’ve always been so thoughtful and appreciative of us. I just hope that somehow, someway, we’ve been the same of you. I can’t even start to explain how grateful I am that the Lord came into our life. I thank God everyday because through him, our lives have been changed for the better. I am so glad that you are always there for me to run to and share anything with. How many people out there are fortunate enough to have a dad who can trust, uplift, and empower them? Yes, dad. You empower me. Because of you, I feel so strengthened to stand up to what society expects of me to be. Things of this world come to tempt me to go against your will. But your love for me encourages me to keep my feet on the ground. Thank you because I now know the value of trust and I feel that I have grown so much because of how you brought me up. I love you, daddy. You’re amazing.



From Sab(12)

She is into drawing dragons/reptiles and this is her way of showing how thankful she is for having a fun dad.


Sab’s Father’s Day Art


Matt’s (9) main love language is gifts and this is another indicator of how he expresses his love to his dad.


Matt’s gift for his Dad – loom key chain


Lastly my 2 little boys does their own rendition of greeting their dad. Its not much but at least they are learning how to express themselves.