We serve a sovereign God.  Nothing escapes Him.  He is omnipresent (everywhere) and He is omniscient (all knowing).  Sometimes, we think either God doesn’t know, or He knows but doesn’t care or He knows and He cares but is helpless to do anything.   My friend, everything you see, no matter how good or bad,  has God’s approval. Right now, we may question His motives, question His plan (or if He has any at all) but what the bible says is this…  That our finite minds work on a different level than that of God.  We are don’t know everything and so we do not think like Him.

We have 4 kinds of authority:  Family, Work (or school), Church and government. The authorities that sit in these institutions are placed there not by accident, not because they cheated or worked their way up, regardless of how corrupt or how immoral they are are placed by God (read the verse above again over and over if you like).  You may not like them — but no doubt, God allowed them to sit there.

Our verse says, we need to submit to them, honor them and give them the respect that is due…  So what if you don’t like to be under them?  If possible, leave!  Don’t like your boss in work?  Then Quit!  Don’t like the president of the Philippines?  Migrate to another country.  Don’t like your pastor?   Tranfer to another church!  Thats the Christian and Godly way to go about this… But to insult them or even not follow them (unless they’re asking you to break the law or do something against Jesus teaching) is also an offence against God.

Why you say?  Because it shows your distrust to an omnipresent and omniscient God.  Because by not honoring the authority that He placed, you are saying “God you made a mistake…  You should have not placed him there.”

The verse is clear “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

I’ve been asked many times, who am I voting for as president… honestly, I don’t know yet… Maybe Mar or maybe Poe… But you can be assured that as much as I hate Binay to be the next president, if ever he wins, whether by buying his way up or by actual votes, you will never hear me curse him and he can expect my 100% cooperation not only as a good citizen of this country but also as a Christian who submits himself to God.
Today, I just want to remind you… Entrust everything to Jesus:  your problems, your plans, your family, your career and most specially ourselves.  Leave it at the foot of the person who doesn’t only know but who loves you.