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Rites of Passage – Entering Womanhood

So my dear daughter, I really wanted to give you that opportunity that I never had… I want you to enter womanhood with grace, gentleness and honor. This is really the true celebration I wanted you to have. So together with some of your aunts we pass you the wisdom we learned in our life from our own victories and failures.

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Running Thoughts

Then it hit me – this is like a resemblance of real life. One day, my children will see an opportunity to make something of themselves and though I have vision out that I would be running side by side with them – they will eventually run off. There is nothing that I can do to stop them from going ahead of me and reaching their dreams. This is the reality. Start chewing on this Monique!

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Pillow Talk with a 3 year Old

When Ezra was still in my womb, I declared that he would be the speaker of our house. It’s funny how at 3 years old – he really is as talkative as can be. As a matter of fact, Ezra before he sleeps winds down by talking. So after praying as a family. He settles down by rubbing his fingers around my ears.

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