Yesterday, I got to witness the most unique special funeral ever.  It was the funeral of Caitlin Soleil Lucas, my Godchild and the 1st child of photographer Jayjay & Tine (Feliz) Lucas.  A couple who Monique & I discipled (life, faith and career wise) with even before they became a couple.  A few years back, I sent off Jayjay to go solo and are now one of the best photographer / stylist in the land.  Caitie caught the  Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML), a disease doctors in the Philippines could not diagnose and so after months of being in the hospital she was transferred to Singapore.   She died last Thursday at the age of 3 years and 7 months.  They landed back in the Philippines 12:30am last Friday and as surprise from close friends in the wedding  Industry and family, we were in Arlington waiting…

To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect, what to do and what to say.  We prayed over Caitie, did deliverance and prayed continuously for them.   We held on to God’s promise of healing…. but now, the bubble is popped, the hopes crash and how do we explain it?  Only God can…

Here are some of the parents requests…. No blacks – just pink or rainbow colors, It’s a send off party not a funeral, no condolences just congratulations, don’t look sad – be happy and in the last day, instead of the usual cremation ceremony, they did a wedding day complete with first dance.  You might find them weird or question “are they in denial?” Which is why I chose to write this blog… to explain it because to call it beautiful is an understatement…

I love what Tine said on the last day… “(Seeing the now big picture of God’s plan) It is better that she died at 3, knowing that she created an impact to thousands of people than her dying at 5, 7, 30 or even 50 but her wake is empty” — Caitie is indeed a hero to some and an angel to many.

You guys don't know how much happiness you brought to her.

You guys don’t know how much happiness you brought to her.

Why a party? Caitie fought for over 3 months, she went through treatments and test without crying or complaining.   She drew strength from family and Jesus.  Now that the struggle is over, the pains are gone and the family can finally attend to Ethan, the younger brother….  should it be not right that we celebrate the happy ending?  Not that death is happy… but the goal in our lives should not be to simply live a long rich life but to end well.

During the wake in Singapore and Philippines, testimonies from people were shared who because of the Caitie’s story. It gave a wake up call to many: marriages were restored,  parents started to make their kids a priority, people realized how blessed they are, people were able to do things they never thought they were capable of like giving without expecting and organizing fund raising projects (something I’ve never seen in the Philippines) and so many people found faith in Jesus.  Isn’t that a well lived life? So to that we celebrate…

It’s a sending off because I think thats a more apt term… it was a beautiful sending off of Caitie back to the arms of her Creator.  Jayjay and Tine, will not be able to walk her down the aisle to her future husband nor give her the first dance  A few years back, she was dedicated… meaning Jay & Tine, admitted that she was just lent by God and now it’s time to give her back. Right now many of us are questioning “Why so soon” but this I guarantee you…  God is neither late nor too early. It was His perfect time.

Cut personally by the parents.

Cut personally by the parents.


Why was it a wedding?

When Jesus comes for the 2nd and final time, He is going to wed his church.  When we say “Wedding” its not the same wedding we have on earth whose purpose is to create a family. No!  Here is what St. John said in

Revelation 21:2 “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

So, when Jay & Tine,  says wedding ceremony, it meant, she is now dressed, ready & prepared to be united to Jesus her Savior and just as a father sends off her daughter in marriage to the groom, Jayjay sends off Caitie back to Jesus.

Their desire to honor God till the end and not waste her death moved the wedding Industry family to give our all. Jayjay and Tine did not spend a single centavo to make this celebration happen. From Styling to catering, photo, video, lights and sounds  the escort storm trooper even down to what they were wearing – everyone supported and gave.  This is God’s grace and love.

Thank you Nice Print Photo for posting this in FB allowing me to steal it. :)

Thank you Nice Print Photo for posting this in FB allowing me to steal it. 🙂


An unforgettable moment for me  was when Jayjay arrived on the first night.  He exited the car smiling, he started shaking hands of the greeters, not knowing what to say I chose to step back and hide in the shadows but he saw me and approached me, gave me a long tight hug and started crying, he whispered “She was stronger  than me…”, as feared I didn’t know what to say…

Let me end this blog by giving my answer… “Yes, she was… but it takes great parents to bring her up like that.  As as much as I agree to the courageous Caitie title,  I believe she had a bigger faith and deserved that as well.  She is so blessed to have parents like you who took the leap of faith to do all what you could regardless of the cost even when all the help has not started to flow in. and yes, Thank you for inspiring us Team Lucas.”

PS. Right now I think I need a lot of adjustments to do as a parent.

Incase the video above does not work, you can try this link Send off video.