O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the (wo)man that trusts in him. – Psalms 34:8

There is nothing more wonderful for me to witness than to see a mother succeed in her motherhood journey. I know we all have second guessed ourselves. I know that many feel like they are walking in the dark and it can be very overwhelming. But let me assure you that we have a God who from the very beginning designed that we would be capable and would bring Him glory as He gives us the calling to be MOTHERS.

One of my passion is to empower mothers to be all that God called them out to be. It is too short a vision to say that motherhood means being able to bear a child. That’s actually just the start of the journey.  We are called to build a generation of God-fearing children. We are called to raise up a generation that loves God and serves Him. He included all mothers in that grand plan. But in order for us to see this, we have to embrace our calling as mothers.


 A mother must accept the fact that this new phase in their life – will ultimately change them forever. Let’s begin with our body. As soon as our baby makes itself comfortable in our womb, our shape or form will never be the same. We need to welcome this and not dread it. Our bodies were meant to be a vessel of the future.  Yes, your breast will be activated for nurturing a child. This breastmilk is God given, full of antibodies and nutrients only mothers can give to their child. Do not believe when people say you are not able enough to feed your child. You can and you will because God made you that way. So stop worrying about the form of your body instead rejoice in your ability to give life.

Every mother must accept that our calling is a 24/7 job. Sleepless nights are inevitable. Your schedule and routines will have disruptions all the time. But the reward is in knowing that your child is growing up healthy. Their first encounter of God would be through your touch, through your words of blessing, through your care and unconditional love. What a great privilege it is to be God’s appointed messenger to your child. You will also realize you have a special gift called Multi-tasking. Don’t be surprised when you discover how many things you can do at one time. This is also a God-given gift to women. We have no excuse not to be able to do things – we are wired with full capacity to get many things done at one time.

Mothers must embrace dying to self everyday. Many of your desires will take a backseat. When I think about going to the parlor or having my nails done or having a massage, if my child needs me – I never regret postponing these activities for another day. Some of us desire to build our careers and climb the success ladders.  But nothing beats being there for every milestone of your child and family. Nothing can compare building a wonderful family life. We must all one day count the cost and make the firm decision on what matters most and I hope we mothers will be willing to say: family is my priority. This is what I was made for.

Mothers must learn to be prayerfully patient. Everything in motherhood is a process. Mastering something takes time and effort. So put in the time and love. Don’t give up to easily. Don’t lose your cools when your kids can’t do exactly what you want them to do. Children are training grounds to make us more Christ-like.  That is why it is so important to have a strong prayer life. Pray for your husband, pray for your children – pray for yourself. We cannot be the best moms apart from the Lord. Then wait in faith. Always remember God ultimately is control.

Laugh and Learn. We are all work in progress. As mothers we can find ourselves to be too hard on ourselves, too serious, too strict, too square. Breathe. Life is more than counting our kids mistakes, having a clean house and running after every developmental milestone. Its okay to not have everything all in order. Sometimes we need to take a break and have a good laugh.  It’s okay to make mistakes.  What is important is that we never stop learning and we never lose our joy.

To all the mothers out there in different shape, size and form. I celebrate motherhood with you! Blessed Mother’s Day!