For 3 years now, we have been on a movement of helping families, strengthening their parenting skills and knowledge and empowering them to do a “Counterflow” from the wrong worldviews. Today, we are asking the Fathers to step up and lead their families. We are calling mothers to respond to the cries of their children. We are calling everyone to pro-actively make a stand and counterflow.

In the Counterflow Conference we get the best speakers for the plenary sessions by Pastors Peter Tan-Chi & wife Deonna, Edric and Joy Mendoza, Cassie and Jenny Carstens. There are workshops going on simultaneously that talks about different parenting needs and stages. You get to pick the session that is most relevant for you.

Why should you invest in this event by attending?

Parents need refueling and recharging. We need a map and guidelines on how to maneuver the ever changing, technology savvy terrain our kids walk in. We need to learn how to lead our kids better. Counterflow conference brings in the top speakers and resources in one venue. It will answer your questions on many parenting issues today.

Here’s the complete list of speakers & their topics: image

Post Ad is proud to be part of the Counterflow 2015 once again as the lead event management team.

Can’t come on the 24th? Here are other events that you can catch.