God is in the miracle business. He delights to do great things for his people because His power always brings people back to Him and allows people to see His glory. If you are just observant, you can witness his miracles daily and abundantly. Its like His way of reminding us that He loves us and yes, He definitely cares for us and knows the desires of our heart.

If I were to flashback a bit, my sister and I are born identical twins. That in itself is a miracle as it is not as often that you can meet people who are born of normal delivery and in full term: twins. God knew that we needed each other for life’s hardship and challenges. I can attest that life would have never been bearable if it were not for my twin sister walking side by side me. We literally are best friends and best of siblings.Twins 1

I had 2 kids before marriage and she saw my roller coaster life. She was the reason why I came to know Christ. She also prayed for me, helped me stand up and make correct decisions in my life. She is a faithful servant of the Lord. She led so many working singles to Christ and at the right time after having waited 6 years, she married the man God has prepared for her. Unfortunately, she discovered she was having difficulty conceiving a child. She had the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Though they met with several doctors I knew that my sister trusted in the Lord that at the right time she would be with child.


She loves my children and I know that this is preparing her to be the best mom to her future child. She shielded her thought life especially when people would ask the reason why they are not pregnant yet. I never saw her affected by the comments, suggestions and unsolicited advises people gave her. She was indeed a woman of faith. When it was my time to get married, a year after I was already pregnant with my third child. My sister was still barren running 5 years already. It was only when she held my newborn JD, for the very first time, I saw her struggle with her desire. Many women struggle with the same heartaches, asking God questions.


How much longer Lord?

When will it be my turn?

Why are you not hearing my prayer?


I prayed that her faith would grow even deeper because this is where some people break down and lose their faith. Desires can now borderline into demands and fall into despair. Surprisingly, my sister has an active, expectant faith. She did not just sit and pray but she also acted. One of our good friend’s mom is a popular fertility doctor. My sister made an appointment and found out her case was not just PCOS but Endometriosis. This painful disorder causes her every menstrual cycle to have displaced tissues to be trapped and turned into cysts. She needed a full work up and clean up through surgery. Without hesitation, she immediately went for the operation. Within 6 months, she did conceive but only to find out it was an ectopic pregnancy. God was gracious to spare her ovary as the baby was just outside her fallopian tube and they did not have to take it out. My sister grieved for her unborn child. She wanted so much to meet and hold her baby. We all cried and prayed for her. It also did not help to hear news that I was pregnant for the fourth time. What kept her strong was her positivity of knowing that she can have a child. That was her glimmer of hope.


Then when all the hype and excitement of having a baby faded, miraculously she was with child. After 7 years of waiting, December 12, 2012, her first child Joshua Reuben Solon was born. My sister’s faithfulness reaped so much fruit: joys of breastfeeding, joys of homeschooling and joy in family and ultimately joy in the Lord.

joshua solon

This week we are in Sarangani. We are celebrating another miracle milestone for my sister. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl Anna. And when God gives, he gives generously indeed.

anna solon

So what are the lessons here?


When you are losing hope, put your trust in Jesus. When prayers seems unanswered, remember God’s timing is perfect. Enjoy the “preparation time” – this is the best time to hone your character. Never doubt God’s goodness – He knows what’s best for you. Don’t let other people steal your joy. Whatever state you are in, God has good purpose for it. Miracles do happen. If you are observant you can catch it. When your hope is anchored in JESUS, miracles don’t happen just once but all the time.

On another note: God has allowed our being twins to become surrogate”mommies” when certain circumstances call for it. Its just so cute how our kids believe we are “one and the same.”

Ezra hugging my sister Michelle calling her mom while I was in a conference in the US.

Ezra hugging my sister Michelle calling her mom while I was in a conference in the US.

Josh clinging to me and calling me mom while his mom was giving birth in the hospital.

Josh clinging to me and calling me mom while his mom was giving birth in the hospital.