After my shoot in New York, I was so glad that my couple was more than willing to drop me off the airport because I just had so much stuff to carry and so they did. When i got to the CX counter there was oddly no one behind them. A few minutes later, a ground crew steps out and announces that the captain had called in sick and the flight is moved to tomorrow 730am. Immediately i feel like a wall collapse on me as i thought “This could not he happening… thats not my flight.” But as he read out the flight number reality sank in that yes i would have to spend another day in New York.  Part of me wanted to complain, so I wait for my turn to get a hold of the one in charge for my other options and here is what I got — booking another flight would allow me to get to Manila a few hours earlier than their delayed flight but it would be a hassle, I would lose my good seat, my miles and my lounge access.  So i decided ok… so another day it is, they were providing me with meals, shuttle service and accommodation anyway.
As I rode the bus going to the hotel, It dawned on me how I would have reacted years ago had I not met Christ.  My actions were just unbelievable how relaxed and cool I had been.  Even when the ground staff that I had asked seemed not even apologetic and honestly, quite “Antipatiko”.  But I refused to engage… I’m actually giving myself a little pat on the back here.
Then I remembered what I had read that morning – a devotional by RIck Warren to be thankful for everything… to see beauty even in tough times and in bad circumstances and today I write this blog to show my point that – What you feed yourself in the morning is important as it affects you at least throughout the day.
So quick question: What do you fill yourself with? Is it the bad news in the news paper, the hectic work that’s in your email (or phone) or the promises of God in His word?
I believe in breakfast (they say its the most important meal) and I believe in exercise… my performance throughout the day is different when I do those 2 things. If breakfast is most important as it provides the energy for my entire day, and they say coming from sleep our bodies are hungry when we wake-up — why not eat your healthiest meal in the morning?
My prayer:  If I have identified the 3 most important things in my life as prayer / bible reading, breakfast and excercise.  Can you pray for me that I be faithful in warding off anything that will get in the way of me doing those things?
In case you are wondering what happened after:
  • I get to Radisson Hotel and room was all the way to the end and it’s door looked different from the other rooms. When I looked I was surprised it like a suite!
  • For dinner we were given buffet – another treat.
  • Next day the bus was full and so we had to wait out in the open cold street for the bus to take the 1st batch of people to the airport, unload and go back for us.  Did I complain?  No! instead of complaining I helped the driver load and unload all bags of the passenger.  I loved it!  cause I got to exercise and serve at the same time.