This is our 7th year of attending Hillsong Sydney & God willing next year we will be attending the one in London. Hillsong has been a great conference for us where we get spiritually refilled after a year of doing God’s work. If I may recall our memories:

It is here where we got our call to start a church. First it was told to Monique who I asked to tell God to tell me also if I was to pastor that church.

It was here where Monique got a prophetic word from our ninang that she will be pregnant again and now she is 7 months.

This year we were able bring all our 5 kids over.

As I brought my 2 youngest kids to kidsong, I asked them if they were happy. They said “Yes!” I asked if they would want to go back and they again replied “Yes!” Then I told them that when they grow up, make sure to bring their kids too.

It was also then that I got emotional and remembered how blessed I was to be able to do so and how after 7 years of coming year after year, that how I can sometimes just take it forgranted like it was a normal thing. So at that time, I took a seat at a park bench and thanked the Lord for counting me worthy of handling such a privilege.

Day 2 of the conference, BIll Johnson of Bethel said “Don’t get too familiar with the works of the Spirit” and I guess this is what it meant. Sometimes I forget that for most people, even coming to Australia alone is a miracle.