5 years ago, we got kicked out of our warehouse in Cubao. So we got forced to rent and moved to a friends warehouse for a year which we also had to vacate the year after. It was then that we thought that maybe it was time for us to look for our own warehouse cause it was so hard to move around our big stuffs. God led us to this place through an ex-driver whose owner used to be his ex-boss. It was a really a good buy so we loaned from the bank and bought it.

This house gave its owner bad memories so they sold it, but now God is using it for His good.

This house gave its owner bad memories so they sold it, but now God is using it for His good.

In two years, we were able to pay it off in full… designed it to be a warehouse (church was far from my mind then though people were already telling me I’m gonna be a pastor). and started conducting our joint worships in the 3rd floor for our employees and I remember people from the community would ask “Is this a church? We want to come… when are you opening to the public?” All we could answer was “Soon…”

I’ve read so many books about church planting and all of them have one objective (at least in chapter 1) — to discourage you. Why you may ask? Because it’s really hard and not for everyone and there is only one reason why you want to put one up.. You get a calling so clear you don’t let anything stop you. Statistics say 50% of churches close down in the 1st 3 years …

Eventually, after ignoring the call, the whispers became shouts and was fast becoming kicks and punches so I had to say “Ok Lord I will obey…” that was Dec 3, 2014…

Preach the word! in season and out of season.

Preach the word! in season and out of season.

Several months after and we see ourselves experiencing the expected birth pains as but not an ounce of regret. Actually, there is Joy in knowing you are right smack in the middle of God’s will. You are doing what God created you to do. Yes, it’s hard but it’s all worth it…

And it just got me thinking: What better gift can you receive on the 1st year of service than a clear affirmation from our great God? Imagine, the week before we celebrate our first year, we are given an entire episode in ABS CBN to tell our story? So for those of you who missed it… Here it is:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

We are so proud, not because of what we’ve done or accomplished but as to what God has done in our life. We hope that our story inspires you that God can use you no matter what you have and what you are. I remember when I was young and naughty, I would describe some girls as “Shrimps” and it means you can eat the body but you throw away the face. In short, she has a nice figure but her face is ugly so disregard it. Fortunately, God doesn’t view us as shrimps. God uses us 100% – good and the bad.

Would you take a minute right now to pray for us that 1st, we do not become part of the statistics and 2nd, that we do not lose sight of the goals that God has given us as His church.

And by the way, for those asking us if they can help or donate… Yes you can. We would want to reach out to the community this Christmas and we have a program for them on Dec 23, 2015. Please read the previous blog: Giving Joy this Christmas