My friend just messaged me and said “I have been checking your Facebook lately and you seem to be so busy doing so many things.  How do you do it?”  I laughed a bit because if it seems like that, I don’t really consider myself extremely busy.  I am just really making the most of my life.   I realized that John and I are ‘seize the moment’ – kinda people.  We understand the value of time and how we only have only one life to live. With this sobering thought we make use of it wisely.


Currently, our days are filled in investing our time in sharing Jesus to our community and the people God sends our way. We also are in the business of mounting events for our clients.  Only by God’s grace alone, last 2017 is our year of organizing world events. But among all these things, John and I are still putting God and our family first as our priority.


So the question is “How do we do it?”  We have found the perfect model in God’s word.


But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. Luke 5:16

In those days, Jesus went out to the mountain to pray, and He spent the night in prayer to God. Luke 6:12


Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up and slipped out to a solitary place to pray. Mark 1:35


John was sharing with one of our good friends the importance of Recharge Points. Recharge Points are like pit stops.  If cars need a tune up every 10,000 km run, we should have something for our souls too. Recharge points help you go the distance and make you endure tough terrains and even rough seasons.

We should have several Recharge/ Refuel points in our life to really be able to do many great things for God. Daily, I find myself at tip top condition when I spend my first few hours of my day praying and reading God’s word.  My daughter Sabrina shared how she struggles with managing her time and at times misses out on her personal devotion time with God. I gave her the simple principle of “TGIF” – “Today God is First”.  If we put God first, watch how God will expand your time. You WILL have time for everything.

Recharge points must be done on a weekly basis too. The Bible tells us that we must allot 1 day of rest which is called the Sabbath.  It is a MUST for us to live a balanced life.  Workaholics will hate this statement.  Honestly, in order for you to have a healthy lifestyle, REST must be part of it.  Sabbath means resting and spending time with God. This is why we highly encourage to make Sunday Worship a habit.  I get so fired up for Monday when my spirit is boosted up in Sunday Worship.

Sometime along the week – we can get easily drained by the world’s demands.  We also add another recharge point when we get to have fellowship and accountability with our small group gatherings. My husband believes small group meetings should be done somewhere in between the week because when the weekday creeps in, sometimes we find ourselves crawling back to our old habits and we need some kind of booster to get through the week.


Recharge points must be intentionally scheduled.  John and I have made several recharge points that were planned a year in advance. These short trips are necessary for us to reflect, discover God’s word in an unhurried manner, revitalize our souls and get new direction and mandates from the Lord.  It is our secret to having full energy to do supernatural out of these world activities. It also helps us see big picture away from the regular day to day grind.

I write this today right here in Pangasinan watching the beautiful beach with my kids . I am on a recharge point fueling for whatever God has in stored for me in the weeks ahead.