The last days before Christmas, our kids joined us in the mall to do some errands. We walked into the kids section and decided to buy our maids’ children some toys. My son JD was also checking out some toys and spotted a Ninja Turtle that he wanted. He quietly puts one in the cart. We had not noticed the item till we were lining up to pay. When I saw the toy, I instructed Matthew to return the item while JD was distracted looking at other things. Of course when we were already home and as I was wrapping gifts, JD remembered that Ninja Turtle toy and started asking if we bought the item. So our conversation went like this:

JD: “Mom did you buy the Ninja Turtle? Is it in the bag?”

Me: Sorry honey, I did not buy the Ninja Turtle.

JD: Aaaaahayyy – Why? I want a Ninja Turtle!!!! (whining tone)

Me: First JD don’t cry. Did you even ask Jesus for this toy? Remember if you want anything especially things that you desire, you need to pray to God and ask Him to give it to you. Have you prayed to Jesus for a Ninja Turtle? It’s Jesus birthday, not yours. You have to come and ask Jesus because everything comes from Him.

I did not pay much attention to his whining and continued wrapping gifts. In a little while I noticed some sort of movement under the bed. Lo and behold I look down to see my son under the bed (quite dark – had to put flash on) praying. I laughed but deep inside was really delighted to see that my 3 years old understood our conversation. I called him out and told him that he can pray out loud. His prayer were 2 things that night:

pray JD

“Dear Jesus, I am praying for a Ninja Turtle, Please give me a Ninja Turtle. Also please tell Dad to give me a bath. I want daddy to give me a bath.”


Hearing a child’s prayer really melts the heart.

So I prodded John to give JD a bath – when he did, all I could hear in the bathroom was giggles and laughter from my son. His prayer was answered.

Last night we decided to open gifts earlier around 10pm. And for the record, I still did not buy him a Ninja Turtle toy. When he opened the gift from his great grandma – to our surprise it was a Ninja Turtle toy! Now talk about how amazing God is! The joy of JD was overflowing – He was so happy. He explained to his great grandma – “I prayed and Jesus answered!”.

JD Ninja

Our Christmas is simple – we don’t want to lose focus on the Giver of the gifts. Jesus is the true Gift of Christmas. No, we don’t celebrate and have gifts written out from Santa because early on we want them to remember that everything – all good gifts come from Jesus. I was laughed at years ago for purchasing gifts and putting notes such as:

“I love you from Jesus. “

“Be obedient to your parents Love God.”

But if it drives the message home, then I am happy to know that Jesus is and always will be the center of everything especially this season.

Blessed Christmas Everyone.