I wear many hats daily but the hat I wear most often is the “mommy hat”. This hat needless to say puts me as the superhero of my children. I make sure that our family is in tip-top shape. Doing the daily grind of getting each child to do their part: Pray, eat, take a bath, brush hair and teeth, read their Bible, study, do chores, exercise, play instruments, afternoon naps, relating with their sibling and with others. All these things with amazingly 2 middle school and 2 toddlers are a handful on my plate. You need to be infused with a lot of grace. Just getting everyone to get ready to ride the car is such a production.

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But there is one hat among the many hats that we mother’s often forget or may I say neglect. Before wearing the mother’s hat, we are first a wife to our husband. I know of very impressive moms who are very unhappy wives. Why? I like to believe that sometimes they wear the “mommy hats” too long they forget their order of priority.

A husband’s role is to lead his family, be a lover to his wife, provider and protector of his family. The wife interestingly is the helpmate in everything. So many women are so powerful in the homefront that they also sadly try to “mother” their own husband. Sometimes the women are such “superwomen” that even a reversal of role takes place.

Existing today are many homes where the wife is the leader, lover and provider. With this super power taken over, the husband, decides to take the back seat and passively follows the wife. This reminds me of the scene where Eve was being enticed by the serpent to eat the fruit in the garden of Eden. When she did eat the fruit, guess who was with her: Adam. We all know the consequence of not following God’s design, it leads to unhappiness and worst destruction.

We have a choice. We have a choice to overpower or to restore power in its rightful place. We have choice to have a healthy home or struggle making your house a home. We have the choice to be happy wife and successful mom rather than feisty tyrant.

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Sometimes we do need to step back and instead of going through the daily grind, we need to take our mommy hats off and re-assess how we are doing as a wife. I believe that if we balance the wife to mommy role – we will win a happy home. If you want to know more, join me at the Expo Mom 2014 at Glorietta 2 Activity Center this weekend. I will be speaking this May 18 at 5pm on the topic HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE. Expo mom 2014 shouts out #YOUTHEMOM. This is a celebration recognizing the many big and small accomplishments of all moms.


How about you? What hat are you wearing right now? Are you a Happy Wife?