We ticked off another bucket list in our travel experience. The great planner – my husband booked a year in advance a trip he has always dreamed of going to the Republic of Maldives.  Maldives is in South Asia south west of India and Sri Lanka. It’s a total of 8 hour plane ride from Manila – Kuala Lumpur – Male.


This trip is a gift from the Lord. We were offered to try one of these timeshare promotions in Phuket. It offers you a free stay at their resort in return to hear out their offer. Though we enjoyed our free stay, we politely declined the offer since we already availed of a time share with another resort.  In their persistence, they made an offer that we could not resist. They asked us of a destination we dreamed to go and see. My husband blurted out “Maldives” without batting an eyelash.  The agent offered that we could visit their Maldives resort and see if it would change our minds to buying into this time share. So this is how we got here.

I was thrilled to be in this trip with John.  We had our shares of “ooohhhs and ahhhhs “as we got down and have a taste of paradise. The mark of God was everywhere – beautiful clear white sand beach, the view of the sunrise, the romantic sunset and the thousands of stars that lit the night filled me with awe.

More than ever, this was our couple time.  John and I were intentional to give time to nourishing our souls.  We talked, talked and talked some more. It was so good to get away from the busyness of work and just listen to each other. I would speak and be vulnerable in front of him, telling him my struggles and fears. Then I would be enveloped with his embrace and assuring hand. He does the same and I would encourage and cheer him on. We would have good long laughs being silly because John knows how I enjoy snap chat… and he would attempt to be crazy like me. Our couple’s time includes activities: praying, eating, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, island hopping, reading books and then sharing the content that impacted us the most.

We would randomly throw questions at each:


“What is your best memory of us married?”

“What do you still dream to accomplish?”

“How can I improve?”

“How do you want to be remembered?” 


Last night under the stars with the waves as our background music, he kept asking me “What is the best place so far do you like the most of all our travels?”


Then I pondered and I said:” John the best journey is not in a place. You can take me anywhere and it will still be amazing because I am with you.  Traveling with you is one of the best things I love doing. We can get lost together and It is still okay. We can discover new things and enrich each other.  The best journey is being with you. The place is just really the bonus!” 

I reminded John how the best travel so far was going through rough times in our lives. When we had to make difficult calls, when we made mistakes, when we don’t know what we are doing, when we had to wait and when we ventured unchartered territories.  These were the times that we had very intimate moments with each other and with God. I see these times as God’s tools for life learnings. They are so precious because I see how we have grown in the Lord.  I have seen in these journeys how we have beautifully changed for the better. We never had thoughts of ever leaving each other behind. Nothing was more important in our lives than to stay committed and faithful to our vows.  In these trying times I see God mold John and me to be stronger individuals yet very solid together.


As John cuddle me in his arms and slept, I laid over my hands and prayed for my husband. I know life is fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow. I will not miss this chance to thank God and bless my husband.


“Thank you Lord for tailor fitting John for me. I know how he loves You dearly. Its imprinted in the way he shows love to me. Thank you for the man he has become because of You. Thank you for making me experience redemptive love and grace through our marriage. Thank you for pointing out his flaws and making John want to change. Thank you for our friendship – we have grown to be honest and true to each other because we have found our identity and anchor in You.  Thank you that in this lifetime you have allowed us to take care of 5 wonderful children – we’re not perfect parents but we are learning to be better at it. Thank you for the good and not so good times – it is exactly what we needed to keep loving each other. Thank you for our health to do the things you called us out to do. Thank you for opportunities like this that we can nourish each other and strengthen our marriage.  May I continue to love and respect him. May I always have the joy to serve and submit to his leading. May I always be a life giver to John. May I bless him all the days of his life. “


I teared with gratefulness. Our marriage is what it is because of Jesus.


I thank the Lord for giving us these “couple time” to build memories that we can keep forever.  I am storing up these moments because I know one day, we will grow old and we will not be as active as we are now.  These memories will be enough for us bless our souls.