When people see us our family – usually 2 extreme reactions usually come out of their mouth. One is “Wow you guys are amazing! Hands down we can’t do what you guys do.” On the other hand another would say “You guys are weird.” Guess what makes them stop to say this? Well, its called “homeschooling”.


Honestly there are many perks of homeschooling (naming a few):

  1. The world is literally your classroom.
  2. No traffic.
  3. Money saver: No need for school bus/ gas money or even allowance.
  4. You can choose the style of teaching of your children based on your children’s personality. You can direct your teaching based on their strength and a career they may want to have in the future.
  5. If the child understands the concept, you can move to the next. But you can also choose to stay longer in a subject till they understand it.
  6. Vertical and Horizontal Socialization. They learn to communicate with all ages.
  7. Develop well rounded children. They learn not only academics, life skills such as chores, home management.
  8. Traveling is a study in itself.


What I just wrote are just external perks of homeschooling. But the truth is John and I are playing for keeps. We want to make the most out of the only life God has given us on this earth. So just like a good business person, we have studied this path and we see this as a sure win, a great investment in this lifetime. Those that have decide to homeschool like us – have discovered worthy treasures that are more precious than money or gold.

One solid treasure is TIME. Yep, its as simple as it sounds. Some will argue, “Well they are still kids, I still have time.” But let me remind you that you are an adult. So how much time left do you really have? As we all know, time once used and given out cannot be returned back to you. You can’t buy it nor can you earn more of your time. Time is a precious commodity– what you do with it while you have it truly make the difference. If you keep investing time in your children – you get things that money cannot buy.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom.” – Psalms 90:12

What Time Gives:

  1. You earn the wonderful privilege of having a great relationship with your children.


My children confide in us. We know their thoughts and struggle and we are able to walk with them through it. I learned from Pastor Peter Tan Chi that we are to look for “Golden Moments” when our kids want to open their hearts to us. When you homeschool, you give them the time where their hearts open to you. I will never trade this for anything in the world. Our home is pretty noisy as everyone has a voice that matters to every person in our family.


  1. You create memories that can never be lost.


From all the homeschooling experiences we have encountered whether its doing an experiment, baking cakes, traveling to understand history, its all part of the memories we will always have for life. We have enough stories to share about the great things we did together as a family.


  1. You build your children’s character by being there and modeling it to them over time.


You don’t develop character in one day. You need to be repeating it daily. So for every value in our family, we need to model and practice it regularly. Were teaching our kids to serve others. Every week at Revelation Church, our kids serve the kids of our community. They learn so much of giving and helping others know Jesus.


  1. You develop secured, confident and emotionally healthy children.


School will not make your kids secure and confident. The family behind it and the people who have relationship with them makes them so. In homeschooling, I know exactly their weaknesses where I can coach them to be more confident. I wont be able to detect that if I am not in close proximity to them.

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I wrote this because I know of so many parents who are on the crossroad of parenting and are deciding if this is the path they should take. I want to give you the opportunity to weigh things and see what homeschool parents like us have reaped. I am giving 1 ticket (worth 1200) for the upcoming Homeschool Conference this October 17, 2015 for the most interesting response to this post. Comment on this blog why you think you want to homeschool and the stumbling blocks you face. I would love to walk with you on this event.