That is my mantra every time women invite me to speak about beauty. I have been speaking about Discovering God’s beauty design for women for 7 years now. I have been trained under the Color Me Beautiful organization and it has been a great privilege to uplift the confidence of women to be all that they can be in Christ.

Some will argue that this workshop is all about vanity. I beg to disagree.  This seminar helps women learn how to be good ambassadors for Christ. There are too many women today defeated because they carry the baggage of emotional wounds, insecurities, worthlessness, rejection and even unforgiveness. This is truly why most women become so ugly. We are marred with stains of sin and we don’t even know it! No amount of make-up can hide what is inside a scarred woman.  But God’s grace is so abundant and if we enter His beauty parlor – I can guarantee beauty from the inside out. This workshop is part of my woman empowerment movement for Christ. I believe all women are women of worth.  If we embrace the truth that we are made in God’s image, we would be able to stand tall and shine for Christ.

Today I just want to share a portion of my workshop which talks about discovering your true colors.  Because of media, I see so many women wanting to be fairer even if its not their skin tone.  I also know of fair people desiring to be darker because it appeals to them.  So they spend so much money becoming who they are not. I say all skin tones are beautiful because they are all God’s masterpiece. Whether you like it or not God made sure we had our natural skin color undertones. We have the yellow undertone and the blue undertone.  These undertones are produced by our natural skin melanin. So you can’t choose this because this is God given.


Why is understanding your undertone so important?

Have you experienced being asked by a person if you are stressed or feeling sick?  Have you had anyone say “you are blooming”?  You wonder because on both occasion – you did not do anything spectacular to yourself. You woke up, took a bath, dressed up and did your usual routine. Why would they say such a thing?  Ah… it must be the colors you are wearing! Some women by simply wearing the wrong colors will look stressed, older and even sickly.  Wearing the right color for your skin tone will make you look naturally fresh, young and healthy.  Imagine that?  And all it took was knowing your colors.


Under natural lighting, I get the ladies to sit and I would drape them.  I drape two colors: Gold and Silver. I look at the color of their hair, the color of their eyes and their skin tone.  What you want to look for is a very fresh look – not too pale nor is it too dark.  If the wrinkles and lines appear more or dark rings around the eyes are seen – most likely that’s not your color undertone. If you are a silver – I would drape you with either black or bright orange cloth.  If you are a gold, I would drape you with either brown or peach colored cloth.  The one that looks best for you gives you a specific season.


Blue Undertone/ Silver Shade

Winter Colors (Black drape) are usually those that have black hair, black or dark colored eyes.  The colors that makes you look amazing are the true primary palettes of a painter.  You have the likes of blacks, whites, blue, yellow and red. Wear silver jewelry.


Summer Colors (bright orange drape) most likely their hair and eyes are in the brunette and brown shades but with dark colored eyes. The perfect color for them are the muted colors of the primary colors.  Wear silver jewelry as well.

Yellow Undertone/ Gold Shade

Autumn Colors (Brown shade) are usually women with shades of brown and amber colored hair.  Their eyes are light brown, dark green and even dark blue eyes.  They look amazing in earth colors of brown, forest green, orange and the likes.  Gold jewelry looks perfect for them.

Spring (Peach shade) are women with very light blonde hair color. Their eyes are also light brown, green and light blue eyes.  Their skin is very fair. They look great in pastel colors. Baby pink, pastel yellow, sky blue and peach are amazing colors to wear. Gold jewelry brings out the best in them.

This knowledge helps bring out the best of our outer beauty without needing to enhance our face or figure. I must admit I am really not a super shopper. Yes, I know that it doesn’t show – but what a revelation right?  I have learned that if I wear the right color and the right clothes for my body shape – I look my best. Through the years, I discovered that fashion trends keep coming back and seasons return.  If you are wise, you can make a 5-year wardrobe plan that can allocate your shopping money for something more valuable like traveling and learning activities.


Of course as you apply this and be beautiful outside, nothing beats the inner beauty of a woman of faith. I believe if there are women that wear their shades right it would be women who loves the Lord. She faces trials and circumstances with a godly perspective and responds with gratefulness. Their inner joy brings that natural outer glow.  A woman who trust and obeys God is a woman who is anchored in His truth and is willing to go the extra mile to help others find that beauty.