The Lord really gave us a unique assignment this Holy Week. Instead of our usual out of town vacation with family, we decided we were going to do a community immersion. We packed our stuff and planned for a staycation in our building where we hold midweek church service.

Holy week 1We wanted to reach out to our neighbors because we are deeply burdened for them to know the Lord. It all began with John’s idea of a street film showing. We got our permits and placed a wide screen in our garage. We would have nightly viewing of the movie marathon “The Bible”. It was opened to anyone who was willing to watch. We prayed that God would send the people that needed to hear more about Him.

IMG_3385 IMG_3383

God was indeed faithful. We had at least 60-100 people watch daily. But what struck me is that most of our audiences were mostly children. John and I are always expecting but we are always surprised by the number of kids that appear. They even rolled in their own couch to watch the movie. I know that this seems to be our purpose, God is calling his little children to know Him.holy week 2

Every night more and more people would stop to watch the film. But this resurrection Sunday, we gave our older children the privilege not just to watch but to share the gospel to our neighbors. I had a great time practicing with them how to share the Good News!


So here is the Good News!


If you are ever wondering why we have so much troubles, burdens, problems that’s because we have a sin problem. Sin is what separates us from God. In front of a holy God, the penalty of sin is death. (Romans 6:23, Roman 3:23)


But God loves us so much that He made a big plan of bringing us back together. He sent his only son Jesus Christ to become Man. Jesus purpose was to be the payment for our sins. He was crucified, died and was buried. On the third day He rose again as promised! (John 14:6, 1Peter 3:18)


Because He is risen, anyone who believes in Him (meaning acknowledge our sinfulness, repent and surrender our lives to Him) shall not die an eternal death but instead is given the free gift of eternal Life! You too can be assured of this great salvation! (John 11:25-26)


You can receive this great gift today. Pray and give your life to Jesus.

This was such a great family activity. Everyone we approached did not reject us and was interested to hear this good news! This increased the faith of my kids too. I encourage other families to share the gospel together with your kids. This is truly a unique bonding experience. This Resurrection Sunday we were able to share the greatest treasure found in Jesus Christ.