14 of us made a trip down under to the southernmost remote place called Tasmania in Australia in hopes of finding the Southern Lights.  We were all so excited and thrilled to know that these Southern lights a.k.a Aurora Australis appeared on this winter season. Many may have heard of the Northern lights but it’s our first time to hear of the Southern Lights.  These atmospheric lights create these glow of green or red colors in the sky. This is due to the electrically charged particles from solar winds that breaks through the magnetosphere of the south pole.  The only tricky part is – we really don’t know the day and time we can see it.  There are forecast apps but it cannot 100% guarantee we can see it and it will alert only 30 minutes before it makes its appearance.

With a spirit of adventure we all made the attempt to search for this unique “southern lights” in the city of Hobart. The twist to this travel was that before we left, John and I had some disagreements we have not resolved.  I was honestly contemplating of not even taking the trip. I wrestled in prayer as I was not in the right state. Simply put it, I was acting up! I asked God to “show up” and help me understand my husband. God was so kind and patient with me. He truly showed His power in my weakness.


When we arrived in Hobart, Tasmania we were welcomed with -3 degrees temperature and a snow storm. With this kind of temperature – God was warming us up for reconciliation.  It was impossible not to snuggle and hold hands. God was already starting to move.  We took our first day adventure wanting to see Mt. Wellington.  We were advised that if we have not seen Mt. Wellington, we have not seen the beauty of Hobart. We thought we could drive all the way up the pinnacle of Mt. Wellington but because of the snow storm our option was to climb. We were all not prepared to trek but we took the challenge.

This was very memorable for me because it happens to be our very first trek as a married couple. We took our time walking as we had our dear friend who just recovered from a leg fracture hiked along with us. We did not know we were climbing 4km, about 45 minutes up the Springs.  There was the temptation to whine  but every time we were close to ranting, God would show us fascinating beauty of nature.  The more we marched the more exciting the sight became.

The Lord was already giving me personal life lessons.  I was reminded that life is a journey. It will have its ups and downs so not to quit easily and just keep walking because the best is yet to come. Don’t get so caught up with complaining and fault finding  instead enjoy the journey and get mesmerized with the exciting new discoveries doing things out of your comfort zone. As we walk together as husband and wife, never lose wonder for each other. Keep studying your spouse and celebrate your differences.  With a total of 8km of walking up and down filled with snow splendor and laughter, John and I reconnected.

John booked our group to stay on top of the hill in Southern Arm.  The 360 view was spectacular.  We saw mountains, beaches and bodies of water.

The greatest thing about staying on the hill was experiencing being enveloped by the sky curtain of stars. God’s creation is so gloriously magnificent!  We were so determined to find the southern lights. We made sure that we had minimal lights to no lights at all times.  In the cold we sang worship songs and waited for the possible “appearance” of the southern lights.

We found ourselves leaning into the presence of God. I reflected on this experience. I contemplated how many people really wait in glorious expectation for the return of our Lord Jesus?  We will never know the time and day that our Lord will come back but are we joyfully looking forward for His return just the same way we are excited to see a glimpse of the southern lights?

The southern light is seen at its best when the skies is at its darkest.  This reminded me that Jesus is still the hope of the world. His light illuminates in the darkest places.  There is a person we can point to when people are lost or searching for truth, peace, joy and purpose.  His name is Jesus Christ. He is our one and only true light.

As I did my quiet time with Lord, He revealed Himself to me. He is the Almighty God, Creator of the universe. I grasped this truth that I am but a speck of dust and yet He loves me. I know I am His. As he displayed His awesome wonder, I am prompted to mirror the same majestic work in my life and in my marriage. It was clear to me that He wants John and I to echo His story of hope and redemption to other people through our life.  God’s divine appointment was the sweetest and most romantic of it all. It was about 4am while staking out the southern lights when John and I sat in front of the fireplace and finally resolved our issues. I had a renewed and refreshed love for John.  I realized that our issues are petty compared to what God has already done for us and set for us to do.  I am eternally grateful that I have John as my husband.  Our journey has been unique from the very start and has JESUS written all over it.

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with dearest of friends going to another Island called Bruny Island.  Here God showed even more grandeur. From finding the very rare white/ albino wallaby to seeing the beautiful light house and going through vineyards, God just wanted to continue to surprise us. His creation is a magnificent masterpiece.

So what happened to the southern lights?  We did not see it.  But God made me see more than what I was searching for. He made me see the splendor of his work from the mountains to the skies. He made me appreciate the man I married and refreshed our marriage.  In the very least to say, God “showed up” and made me be in awe of His wonder.